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Food industry

BC Foods Gansu Co., Ltd. was invested by Gansu Dunhuang Seed Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong BC Food Co., Ltd. on April 15, 2008. The company has a registered capital of 43.86 million yuan, which is mainly engaged in the cultivation, processing, sales and international trade import and export of various condiments, food and food ingredients and related products, including fruits and vegetables, edible plants and seeds. The annual sales volume is 126 million yuan, and the export earns more than 15 million US dollars. 98% of the products are exported to Europe and the United States.

Gansu Dunhuang Seed Fruit &Vegetable Products Co., Ltd. was established in August 2005 with a registered capital of 33.5 million yuan and covering an area of 72 acres. It is a subsidiary of Gansu Dunhuang Seed Group Co., Ltd. and is a key project for the listing of funds in Dunhuang Seed. The company is mainly engaged in the production, processing and sales of tomato powder. 95% of the products are used for export. It is a high-tech and export-oriented agricultural enterprise integrating the research, production, processing and sales.

Gansu Dunhuang Seed Agricultural Products Trading Co., Ltd. was established on July 28, 2016. The company mainly deals with the acquisition and sale of cotton, cottonseed, short velvet, cotton hull and cotton yarn; crops, agricultural and sideline products, native products, fertilizer and mulch film. , oysters, pasture, corn, edible oils, sunflower seeds, gourd seeds, peppers, cumin, onions, dates, alfalfa, dried fruit series wholesale, retail; goods warehousing services; cargo transportation services; goods import and export business ( Projects should be operated after approval by relevant departments). The company utilizes the existing products, market and social resources of Dunhuang Seed, adheres to the direction of agricultural and sideline products trade, fully exploits and utilizes local and Xinjiang high-quality agricultural products resources to do a large trading platform.

Established in 2003, Yumen Tuopu Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional hop flower enterprise, engaged in hop planting and processing. In 2010, it successfully cooperated with Gansu Dunhuang Seed Group Co., Ltd. The existing registered capital is 40 million yuan. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of “leading technology, customer first, pioneering and innovative, strengthening enterprises and enriching the people”, introducing advanced foreign technology and equipment, developing excellent varieties of hops, and innovating hop fresh-keeping processing technology. Its leading product, “Green Gold” "Gold medal high acid" and hop extract products have been well received by the majority of beer companies.

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